10 Tips before booking a catamaran

Tips before booking a boat or catamaran party in Girona

What should you take into account before booking a shared catamaran outing?

After a little Googling, we see that there are countless pages selling Catamaran on the Costa Brava. Many are agencies or “farewell websites”, or resales. Also macro web portals for the sale of “tickets” located in Madrid or other distant towns that have most likely never seen the catamaran or the beaches of the Costa Brava. Of the latter you could give yourself a long list…

The truth is that there are not as many catamarans on the Costa Brava as there are sales websites that appear on the Internet.

So, do all these portals or websites sell the same product? The answer is yes .

In fact, on the southern Costa Brava, there are only 3 companies or shipowners dedicated to this type of boat tours One is the Catamaran Lady Joan, the other is the Sensation catamaran and the other is Bluesail Costa Brava

It should be said that although they are different companies, the shipowners and the staff and sailors of the 3 companies have known each other for many years, and we help each other as much as possible. That is, if on a Saturday in July when we are going full force, for example, someone’s boat breaks down, they try to redirect the groups to another boat or catamaran so as not to leave the group on land.

This is very important and to be taken into account since here on the coast we all know each other and having a Plan “B” or contacts (mechanics, electricians, sailors, skippers…) is essential to be able to solve the problem when there is a problem. Save a day of mechanical failure or boss illness. Bluesail can assure you of that, and at the very least we will do everything possible to give the group a way out.

When you book an holiday catamaran trip through resellers or “farewell” websites and there is a mishap, it is difficult for them to find a solution.

Many times because these agencies are closed on the weekend, and many other times because they are miles away. Or simply because they do not understand the characteristics and meteorology of the Costa Brava. What can they solve for us if they are not here!

What do I want to tell you with all this?

You book with one of the 3 companies directly. This way you make sure you are talking to the shipowner (owner of the boat) and you can avoid misunderstandings. At Bluesail Costa Brava we are convinced that excellence in dealing with clients is achieved with direct Shipowner-Client communication. That is why we encourage you to book with us or with any other REAL boat or catamaran company on the Costa Brava, not resellers. You can write to us by CLICKING HERE.

Do you want to know how to choose a suitable rental catamaran for your bachelor or bachelorette party?

Below we leave you our recommendations:


The budget is basic when choosing which boat to rent. The price of the catamaran is a fixed price per person. The price of the private boat trip depends on the number of people. It is a fixed price per departure, not per person, and is divided among the members of the group.

The best advice we can give you is that you should book well in advance to get the time and day you need.

Book in advance, at least 3 months for departures in Girona and during the months after Christmas to sail along the Costa Brava in spring.


Our boats have excellent maintenance.


When choosing a boarding location, you must also consider the type of navigation coast. The coast of Barcelona is not the same as the beautiful Costa Brava, with its cliffs, coves and caves. Bluesail makes shipments in Blanes, Lloret de Mar, Cala Canyelles, Tossa de Mar and Platja d’Aro.

Below we give you the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Can I bring personal belongings on the boat or catamaran?

Whatever you need, we have plenty of space to store things but it is strictly prohibited to carry bottles or glass glasses.

What clothes should I wear to go on a boat?

We are in the summer season and we dress for the beach. You can bring a towel, a swimsuit, sunscreen, comfortable shoes and a jacket or windbreaker in case it gets colder on the way back. The garbí wind and the tramuntana are cold even if it is summer!

I’m prone to dizziness!

The catamaran is very stable and completely open so it does not look like a normal sailboat at all, the probability of you getting seasick is very low. We are talking about a catamaran for 150 passengers, 24 meters in length and a lot of beam that gives it incredible stability. The other boats, the Partyboats, as they are speed boats, do not cause seasickness either. When they are sailing, no one gets dizzy. Yes there is a small possibility when we anchor (stop) to swim or snorkel.

So if you are prone to dizziness, you know, take a little biodramine pill 1 hour before coming.

What do our boat or catamaran excursions include?

All our tours include: Drinks/beer, snacks (private partyboat) or all-you-can-eat barbecue and salads buffet (at shared catamaran). Snorkeling equipment, games with floatingbloks.

Is there shade on the boat?

The mainsail is 160 square meters, so there is always a part of the catamaran in shadow. Also are a big umbrellas onboard The catamaran also has a large fixed awning, which covers half the boat, and is always mounted as a structural part of the catamaran. On the private partyboat, there is an awning sufficient to always cover 1/3 of the boat. It is also a fixed and permanent structure.

What if the weather is bad? Will you give me my money back?

If you cannot sail, due to adverse weather conditions or mechanical problems, we cancel the departure and refund 100% of the amount or change it for another day. The last word on the safety of the exit is the skipper’s.

Can I cancel on the same day?

No, 100% of the deposit amount is lost if it is made 24 hours in advance. Think that we have said no to other groups and we have stopped selling that boat tour. If you notify us in time, and we can sell the exit, we will return the payment and deposit given.

How many people are on board?

En el catamarán compartido 143 personas si contar tripulación y animador. The private Partyboats have capacity for 12 people and 22 people respectively.

If you have any other questions, please write to us: info @bluesailcostabrava.com and we will be happy to answer you.

Blue Sail Costa Brava


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